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Shipping Container Houses & Container Products

Port Container Services specialised in the design and construction of portable shipping container houses and other modified shipping container products. Our shipping container homes for sale are custom designed and can be built to your specifications. Our portable shipping container houses are ideal for temporary and permanent accommodation as they are commonly used for onsite accommodation units for rural mines and construction sites. They are also a cost effective alternative when building a new house and need accommodation as our shipping container homes allow you to live onsite. Below you can find more information on our shipping container houses or click shipping container products button for more modified shipping container products.

Container Homes  For Sale | portable shipping container Houses

New shipping container houses that wont cost you a fortune
Compared to alternative means of accommodation, our portableshipping container homes wont cost you a fortune and are a practical solution to all your accommodation needs. Your portable shipping container house can be fitted out with numerous shipping container home accessories such as kitchenettes, ensuits, bulkhead walls, phone and data, air conditioning and many more accessories to choose from (just see our container home accessories page).

shipping container houses for sale

Our shipping container homes are easily transportable and can be delivered directly to your door. All that is need is a near level area to place the shipping container house, and a connection to power either by connecting directly to the mains or to a generator. A connection to a water source is also recommended but no necessary if you have another source for water.

Shipping Container Home Accommodation

Our portable shipping container houses are much cheaper than adding to your existing structure, and has the advantage that it can be sold off or relocated when no longer required. Teenagers and their associated noise can be housed in their own teenage retreat granny flat away from mum and dad and younger children.

Working at home is becoming very popular with owners of Internet based businesses, and in this situation a portable shipping container house makes the perfect backyard getaway where work can be conducted away from distractions in privacy and peace. Also, artists seeking there own art studio would definitly find sanctuary in our portable shipping container home units.

If you require a house with wheelchair access it is a simple matter for us to incorporate a ramp and larger openings into our shipping container house designs. Any of our shipping container home designs can be customized to your requirements.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have driveway access to your rear yard for installing our shipping container house as our units are fully prefabricated and can be lifted into position by crane, over your house roof if necessary.

We have lots of different shipping container house designs to choose from though we also specialise in custom built shipping container homes. Fill in our online shipping container house quote form and we will send you a brochure and price list our shipping container products.

Port Container Services specialise in modified shipping containers. We design and manufacture shipping container products such as Shipping Container Homes, Site Offices, Portable Workshops and Dangerous Goods Storage Containers. For a brochure and price guide fill in our instant online quote form to your left and receive a competitive shipping container quote today.


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